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TableServ is a customizable application that allows guests at subscribed venues to view menu items, order directly from the application, and pay their tabs digitally. Guests download TableServ to their personal devices for free through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Currently, guests scan a QR code to check-in to a restaurant, bar, or individual table. Future versions utilize Bluetooth beacon technology for frictionless location mapping. Some of the main features include; location awareness, on-site mobile ordering, payment processing and delivery ordering.

Over a year time, a restaurant that partnered with TableServ to test the product and found that TableServ increased revenues and time efficiency for their staff. TableServ is intended to assist the service on crafting a relationship with the guest, rather than completely automating the process. With the help from the staff and guest feedback, TableServ was able to craft a targeted approach to the sale of their product for not just the restaurant and service vertical but for others such as hotel concierge service and on-demand delivery.

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