UI/UX Design and Branding

HYVE – How You View Entertainment. HYVE keeps users connected the way they prefer to be connected, wherever they are, whatever they want, whenever they want. HYVE is the new approach to hotel entertainment: personalized, connected, and available on any device. HYVE manages to do this with their exciting advertising model to keep costs low and provide a great ROI.

When the company acquired multiple products, they had to evaluate what to use and what not to use on the HYVE system. We evaluated everything, to see what a user would actually use. There were a ton of features of each product that we thought were useful so, we picked a bunch of features and incorporated them into a new UI design, opening HYVE up to a larger market potential. Although the travel industry is just an entry point for the business, their business plan and growth potential is exponential in the market that needs a serious facelift.

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